Raw Almond Milk

When talking about a person’s diet, we are not necessarily talking about a method of losing weight, but about eating habits in general. Today, being a vegetarian or vegan has become somewhat of a trend, since more and more people are doing it.

Whether it can be considered a trend or not, many of these diets can be much healthier than diets that contain animal-related products.

For an example, dairy products can cause gas and bloating, not to mention that many people are lactose intolerant. Raw almond milk has started to gain popularity even among people who aren’t necessarily vegans or vegetarians.

Raw Almond Milk – Why Drink It?

raw almond milkThere are many reasons why everyone should at least take into consideration trying out the raw almond milk. First of all, there are very few calories in this type of milk. Secondly, there is no lactose in it, because it is not actual milk. This means that you or anyone who is lactose intolerant can drink this type of milk without worrying about any reactions.

Raw almond milk is a very safe alternative. Also, many other cow milk replacements taste bad or at least not very appealing. Raw almond milk, on the other hand, is quite an enjoyable product. In order to have actual raw almond milk, you can go on and start making your own at home. There’s nothing difficult or impossible to make. There isn’t even a recipe, since all you need for getting the simple, raw product, are almonds and water.

How to Make Raw Almond Milk

For the ideal consistency, you have to use four parts water to one part almonds. A blender is the tool you have to use for mixing the two main ingredients. Of course, if you want it sweeter, you can always add sugar. Some people even like adding some more taste with vanilla flavor or chocolate. This is something that each and every person can choose depending on what they expect from the milk they are drinking.

For an example, someone who is on a diet will definitely choose unsweetened almond milk, because that does not contain any sugar. Different flavors can be created, as far as each and every person’s imagination goes. The product can even be considered healthy when it is raw and has no artificial additives in it. Basically, you get everything you would get from eating almonds, just in smaller quantities, because it is all diluted with water. There are lots of beneficial oils in almonds, unlike cow milk and different dairy products, this type of milk does not get one bloated.

Raw almond milk is easy to make and it can also be found in stores if you simply don’t feel like making it yourself. Its uses are almost endless. You can cook with almond milk or you can just enjoy a glass of it when you feel like drinking something yummy. Add sugar if you want it sweeter or any other ingredients that could make almond milk better tasting for you.

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