Powdered Almond Milk

Almonds are great for one’s daily nutrition. Unlike the popular belief that they are nuts, almonds are actually drupes. However, there are monounsaturated fats in almonds, together with important resources of Vitamin E and other important nutriments such as magnesium, for an example.

This means that having even just small amounts of almonds every day can be very beneficial for one’s health. Some people even prefer the almond oil over olive oil for cooking. But almonds can be used as much more than just sources of oil or sprinkled on ice creams.   There is another way for us to use and take advantage of the wonderful benefits of almonds and almond milk.

Powdered Almond Milk – Great for Everyone

powdered almond milkThere is the powdered almond milk, which is one of the vegan’s favorites. Lactose intolerant people also prefer this type of milk, mainly because it has no lactose, but also because of its pleasant taste. Also, almond milk does not just come as it is. In order to please everyone, one can find different flavors on the market. Among the two most popular almond milks found on the market, there are the vanilla and the chocolate flavored ones. For people who like to travel a lot and still have their almond milk, there is powdered almond milk.

Powdered Almond Milk – Types

This powdered almond milk consists of a fine powder that can be found either in cans or packed in plastic bags. Usually, all one needs for making the milk is some water. This way, it’s always easy to carry the milk with you, no matter where you go. But the plain powdered almond milk is not the only one that can be found on the market. There are also varieties that contain cocoa or chocolate, so one can practically have something similar to a milk and chocolate beverage. But the flavors don’t stop here.

Just like one can find this cinnamon chocolate type of powdered almond milk, there is also the vanilla milk that many people prefer. One has to carefully look for places that sell this powdered almond milk, because this product can’t always be found in all stores. Usually, organic stores have it, but not all of them.

Powdered Almond Milk – Ingredients

If you are interested in the ingredients, it is a good idea to check the label, to make sure that the milk does not contain more sugar than you would like to consume or ingredients that you would simply not want to drink. The ingredients can differ from one manufacturer to another. However, the plain powdered almond milk should be the same in most cases. There’s no wonder that this type of milk is such a hit with vegans and people who have lactose intolerance since its taste is so good, especially compared to all of the other types of milk that are made from other ingredients than natural cow milk.

While most people want to take advantage of the health benefits of eating raw almond milk, others simply want to drink it because they like it more than other types of milk. Not to mention that even someone who usually makes his or her own almond milk would like to have some powdered almond milk when traveling.

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