Making Almond Milk

Because of busy schedules, people don’t really have the time or the patience to cook a lot. Microwave meals are more and more popular and today, there are even such products that are much healthier than they were before.

Of course, homemade meals will always be much better than whatever already-made meal you get from the supermarket, because there are many chemical substances that you wouldn’t normally put inside of your food. This also applies to almond milk.

In order to know for sure that there isn’t too much sugar or various chemicals inside of the almond milk they consume, some people seriously take into consideration making almond milk.

Making Almond Milk – Set Aside Time

making almond milkMaking almond milk is an easy process, but it takes a lot of time. The reason why you can’t just make the almond milk in five minutes is because the almonds need to soak in water for six to eight hours. After they have been soaked, making almond milk can proceed. In order to be able to make almond milk, you do need a good blender, because the almonds will basically have to be blended together with water.

Recipes can differ and your preference in what concerns the consistency of the milk might also be different. However, when you are making almond milk, you should normally pour three cups of water for every cup of almonds you decide to blend.

Use the Right Amounts When Making Almond Milk

The reason why it is recommended to use these quantities is because the result is the most similar to milk, due to a good consistency. After you are done with blending the right amount of almonds with the right amount of water, you should get cheesecloth to filter the milk. Some people have also used new and clean nylon socks to do this, because they are great filters.

After you have clean and homogenous almond milk, it is time to season it however you like it. If you are on a diet, making almond milk should never imply adding sugar. You can skip adding any kind of additives, because unless you want to make the milk more flavorful with some vanilla, there is no need for anything else. Preservatives are useless for almond milk, because this type of milk will stay good for as long as two weeks anyway. If you actually plan of drinking almond milk, it will most certainly not have to stay in the fridge this long.

Additions When Making Almond Milk

If you plan of turning the almond milk into a sweet drink, feel free to add sugar or honey and whatever flavors you prefer. Milkshakes tend to be delicious if you make them with almond milk. The taste of almond milk is neutral, but you do feel the almond flavor a little. Of course, if you have nut allergies, making almond milk is out of the question. But if you don’t, you can consume it even if you are lactose intolerant and it is also recommended for people who are prone to heart disease, because it lowers the cholesterol and it contains many healthy nutrients.

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