How to Make Almond Milk

It is obviously easier to opt for buying almond milk at the stores rather than taking the time to make your own.

The main difference between buying and making it at the comfort of your home is that you can make it taste more delicious and fresher than the one obtained off the shelf of a store.

The home-made almond milk recipe can be flexibly altered to suit the needs and taste of the user and make it an absolute favorite for making muffins, smoothies and a wide host of other eatables.

And if you are worried about the procedure, don’t be, because it is much easier than you might envisage.

How to Make Almond Milk – The Procedure

how to make almond milkThe process begins when the raw almonds are soaked in cold water, of course after making sure the almonds are the best quality and fresh. Fresh almonds contribute to the general taste which is creamy sweet and very delicious.

The soaking makes them plump and much easier to blend than if they are in their raw unsoaked state.

The second stage is to place half a cup of raw almonds into a bowl then cover with water and leave to soak in a fridge for around 10 hours even though the longer the better. After the soaking, drain the and thoroughly rinse the almonds to leave them clean.

Then proceed to place the cleaned almonds in a blender container and pour in about two cups of cold water. Cover the container and blend until the mixture is as smooth as possible. A heavy duty fast blender is the best for this task and will achieve the best results possible.

How to Make Almond Milk – Strain and Store

The next stage is to strain the mixture to effectively separate the solid remnants not ground from the almond milk. You can easily use a fine mesh strainer to ensure that the milk is left without any fine particles and comes out smooth. An alternative to this is using a nut milk bag or colander. The rations used can make a maximum of two cups of the almond milk.

For a more unique taste, add a pinch of sea water and some few vanilla drops to improve the overall smell. Maple syrup can be used for those with a sweet tooth and who desire to have the almond milk have a sweet taste to it. This is pretty much the final stage of how to make almond milk which can be topped up by storing the milk in an airtight container and leaving it to mature in the refrigerator where it can stay for about 3 days. If you want to use, shake or stir before use because almond milk has a tendency to separate when left to stand for a while.

Summary – How to Make Almond Milk

The almond solids should not necessarily be disposed as they can be used by mixing with cereals or other foods. The basic procedures of how to make almond milk should be maintained but the flavoring part can be altered depending on the taste of the maker. The flavoring can see strawberry or other available flavors introduced into the mixture.

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