How Long Does Almond Milk Last

Almond milk is finding increasing popularity among most households in the world today. Most people are settling it as an alternative rather than using dairy products for various reasons. Studies have shown that almond milk has almost all the essential nutrients that can be found in dairy products. It has also been preferred over other plant milk products such as soy milk about which various health concerns have been raised.

With almond milk, people who have a history of allergies get an alternative source of the basic nutrients that their bodies need. It has also proven to be an important alternative for people who for one reason or the other do not like to have animal products in their diets. For these people, almond milk comes as a welcome alternative.

How Long Does Almond Milk Last – Importance

A major question that most people who use almond milk is: how long does almond milk last? This is also an important question that is on the minds that most people who consider starting to use it as an alternative to regular milk products. Some people labor under the notion that almond milk and other milk products last for a lesser period of time when compared to other types of milk, while some believe that by virtue that it comes from plants, then it lasts for a longer period of time.

It is important to understand that there various factors that one needs to consider before giving an answer to the question “how long does almond milk last”.  There is absolutely no emphatic answer. The question is not an emphatic no or yes matter. This is so because the rate at which any product lasts in terms of its freshness largely depends on the conditions under which it is the product is kept.

How Long Does Almond Milk Last – Longer

how long does almond milk lastGenerally, milk is considered as a perishable food and thus when compared to other substances, it tends to last for a shorter period of time. There are however some factors that may either speed up the rate at which it goes bad and others which may slow down the rate at which the milk goes bad.

The best answer to the question ‘how long does almond milk last’ is that it depends on the various conditions under which the milk is kept.

Milk bought from the store which is kept in the open will definitely last for a shorter period of time than almond milk which is kept under refrigerated conditions.

How Long Does Almond Milk Last – Conclusion

This is because refrigeration usually slows down the rate of bacterial activity, something which is responsible for the food going bad. Also, when homemade almond milk is compared to the one bought in the stores is compared; the milk bought from the stores is likely to take a longer period to go bad mainly because of the preservatives that the manufacturing companies usually include in the almond milk.

Another factor that makes “it depends” the appropriate answer to the question “how long does almond milk last”, is the time that the milk remains open. Milk which is exposed to the environment will likely last for a shorter period when compared to almond milk which remains tightly packed.


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