Chocolate Almond Milk

The thing that you most often find in your refrigerators is the almond milk. But, have you ever thought that how would it be like to store the home prepared almond milk?

The best among the almond milks is of course the chocolate almond milk.

This is something that your whole family likes, whether it is your children, you or your partner. Nothing can serve the tasty nuttiness of the milk, plain or when mixed with chocolate.

It is worth having a cup of coffee with the chocolate almond milk to have a fresh beginning of the morning.

Chocolate Almond Milk – Morning Freshness

chocolate almond milkEver wondered how to make chocolate almond milk at home? It is very much easy. We all know that almond milk is a very precious addition to your recipes, when you are adding them for flavors.

Apart from drinking the milk plain or to use it as cereals, almond milk is an important ingredient for the smoothies.

Chocolate almond milk is on the other hand a key ingredient for the hot chocolates and coffees.  So, it is not impossible to say that you all have tried already to make the almond milk at home.

Well, if you have not yet made the almond milk at home, then please hurry and prepare the recipe, as you will need it very much to make the chocolate almond milk.

Chocolate Almond Milk – Homemade Goodness

You can make the chocolate almond milk at home very easily. If you have made the almond milk at home already, then it is easier for you as the only extra thing you need to do is add the cocoa powder to the almond milk and shake it well. So, your chocolate almond milk is ready.

Now with this chocolate almond milk you can make several delicious recipes that your children will live to have in the snacks’ time. One of them is the hot chocolates. Want to know, how can you make a special type of hot chocolate?

Chocolate Almond Milk – The Recipe

You will have to follow the following steps to prepare the recipe:

  • You will need:
    • 1 cup of homemade chocolate almond milk
    • ¼th cup of coconut milk
    • ½ cup of semi sweet chocolates
    • Coconut toasts and
    • 1 or 2 drops of almond extracts
  • Before preparing, for a bit of garnishing purpose, melt the chocolate and add coconut toasts and dip the coffee cup to make it look good. Allow the rim to dry in fridge.
  • Take the chocolate almond milk in a bowl and add the coconut milk along with the almond extracts.  After mixing well, add the previously melted chocolates to add more flavors. You may do the same with only almond milk as well.
  • Heat the mixture in a medium flame. Stir it well until the mixture gets heavy. Taste the mixture and add sugar and honey as you require for balancing the sweetness. Honey adds color if you just pour some on the mixture after serving.

Serve it and your hot chocolate is ready to drink. So, chocolate almond milk is itself tasty and makes even tastier recipes!

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