Best Almond Milk

It is really a tough thing to classify any particular brand as the best almond milk. There are several almond milk brands in the market which offer unique and nice contents.

For their rich features some of the almond milk brands have gained popularity as the best milk brands and this list include the names of brands of almond milk such as Blue diamond Almond Breeze, Almond Dream, Pacific Foods Almond Milk, and so on.

Each of these almond milks offers rich sources of vitamins, calcium, and proteins. They are free of cholesterol and contain only unsaturated fats, which mean you can take them without any tension for your heart.

Create the Best Almond Milk at Home

If you do not want to go over the market brands then you can make the best almond milk at your home. Truly speaking homemade almond milk can be identified easily as the best almond milk as you are making it by own and without adding any chemicals or preservatives. You are getting 100% natural and organic almond milk by making the same at home.

How to Make the Best Almond Milk at Home?

Making the best almond milk at home is not a herculean task and you can make it easily. You can get the creamiest almond milk by following the recipe. Let us have a look on the ingredients, equipment and steps of making this recipe.

What are the ingredients of this homemade best almond milk?

  • Raw and organic almonds -1/3 Cup
  • Water

Necessary equipment to make this homemade best almond milk

  • One Pot
  • One blender
  • One mesh strainer

Making the Best Almond Milk?

best almond milk

You have an option here. If you want really tasty and sweet milk then you need to peel off the almonds. For this you need to boil one cup of water in a pot. Now drop the almonds in the boiling water and let them boil for 3 to 4 minutes approximately. The next step is to pour out the through the metal mesh strainer and you will get the almonds leaving. Pour all the hot almonds in a plate to cool. Leave for a few minutes and when you can touch them sub off the skins. Now you have all those creamy and sweet nuts to give you the rich and best almond milk.

Now for the final step.  Put all the blanched nuts with 2 cups of water into the electric blender. Put the lid and start blending. Blend till the nuts are crushed to give out thick and white creamy milk. If needed, you can stop your blender for a while and pick up the almonds off its base and shake the blender. Often nuts get struck under blades of the blender and by shaking them you can pick them off. Now again blend your nuts and get the best almond milk.

The best almond milk recipes with the best almond milk brands are obviously the best!  You can make varieties of delights by using these best almond milk brands. A range of nice beverages can be made using the best almond milk brands. You can make rich shakes, yummy smoothies and other milk recipes with these almond milk options.

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