Almond Milk vs Soy Milk

Almond milk and soy milk are popular substitutes for dairy milk and have high nutritional advantages. They are also suited for people with lactose intolerance, casein allergy, heart conditions, or diabetes.

Almond milk and soy milk have rich nutritional advantages and provide similar health benefits. Both have low fat levels, high concentration of Vitamin B and rich concentration of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper which help in controlling blood pressure, enhanced oxygenation level of blood, and boost the immune system of the body. Both have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which aid in reduced blood pressure and cholesterol and are also rich in dietary fibers. Both are gluten free and are suited for people suffering from coeliac disease. And based on the dietary requirements and allergic reactions either of them can be consumed.

Comparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of nutritional value, almond milk has lesser calories per serving as compared to soy milk which has about double calories in content as compared to almond milk. Comparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of protein density, the former has much lower protein level as compared to the latter.

Comparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of mineral level, almond milk is rich in manganese and Vitamin E which leads to improved skin condition and higher defense level against cancer. Soy milk is a richer source of Vitamin B due to its higher protein levels.

Almond Milk vs Soy Milk – Usage

almond milk vs soy milkComparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of use, soy milk is better suited for people above the age of 50 years and is proved to be beneficial for women suffering from post menopausal condition and can prevent cases of prostrate cancer in men. In the reproductive years however soy milk can be disastrous. Soy milk interferes with the progesterone levels in blood and is not suited for pregnant women. It is also said to lead to reduced fertility level and lower sperm count in men. Soy milk can also interfere in chemo therapy. People undergoing treatment for breast cancer should avoid soy milk and use almond milk instead.

Almond Milk vs Soy Milk – Side Effects

Comparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of side effects, soy milk is said to interfere with hormonal production adversely and hence is avoided by most.  In comparing almond milk vs soy milk in terms of allergic reactions one finds that both can cause to conditions of swelling, diarrhea and vomiting in people allergic to them. Almond milk can lead to serious cases of respiratory difficulties and reduced oxygenation which can lead to suffocation. Soy milk allergy is more commonly found in children. While almond milk allergy is seen in people who are allergic to peach and tree nuts.  Hence soy milk is generally avoided by people due to its claimed health hazards. However based on pure nutrition levels both almond milk and soy milk is ideally suited for a balanced diet with low fat levels and high mineral and protein content.

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