Almond Milk Side Effects

No one contests the qualities of cow milk, but it seems more and more scientists reach to the same conclusion – it may not be the best option for the human organism, especially for the people who suffer from lactose intolerance. They go through a real problem regarding the exaggerated recommendations today that support the industrial consumption of lactates. A lot of people grew with a cow milk addiction.

However, over the last few decades, it seems more and more individuals rediscover the taste of milk with the almond milk, especially those who rely on a strictly vegetarian diet. Judging by most tests and research operations, it seems this milk is the healthiest and most appropriate one, whether you are a vegetarian or not, with the least amount of almond milk side effects.

The almond milk gains popularity with every new year, but people fail to understand its precise effects. Everyone says it is healthy, but cannot really say why. Besides, nothing is perfect. Therefore, there are also almond milk side effects you need to take in consideration before exclusively going for it.

Almond Milk Side Effects – Allergies to Nuts

It is true that it contains vitamins, calcium and nutritive substances, not to mention about the fact that it is cholesterol free and it helps you lose weight. The first victims are those with various allergies to tree nuts. There are a lot of people suffering from such conditions, although the almonds are not among the most popular allergic nuts. With all these, an allergic reaction may become very dangerous for an individual, resulting in facial swelling, diarrhea or nausea.

Almond Milk Side Effects – On the Thyroid

Other than that, other almond milk side effects include that the almonds directly affect your thyroid gland. Along with the soy or the broccoli, the almonds will “feed” your thyroid gland and sooner or later, you will end up with an obvious increase. Such foods usually help your immune system, but they also lower the iodine assimilation. The people with problematic thyroid issues should definitely avoid the consumption. However, when it comes to healthy individuals, the almond milk side effects over the thyroid are almost null if they don’t exaggerate.

Almond Milk Side Effects – Over Children

almond milk side effects

What about the almond milk side effects over children? The calcium and vitamins may help the organism grow, but the breast milk is still the most adequate option. The almond milk is not nutritive enough for the growing capabilities of a baby. At some point, the baby will end up with a slight malnutrition that will aggravate in time if the mother doesn’t make a change fast. The almond milk side effects may not be obvious in the early years, but the early childhood problems will develop into more complicated conditions later. At the same time, some almond milk products are too rich in sugar. The excessive consumption will obviously be harmful and produce some almond milk side effects.

Overall, the almond milk – just like any other product – has both good and bad parts. In most of the cases, the bad parts are insignificant. However, once they show up, things tend to get worse. This is why you should definitely consult a nutritionist doctor before switching to the almond milk.

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