Almond Milk Recipes

Most of the food we have in the fridge these days is already processed before we buy it. We buy products that don’t have to be cooked all that much, we don’t have so many things to chop, boil, and condiment.

Our grandparents are probably the ones to confirm that back in the day, when they were younger or even better, when they were little kids, their parents would have much more work in the kitchen than today’s people do.

Today, we don’t even need to work for a good meal, because there are microwave meals that only need to be heated before being consumed.

There are, however, products such as the almond milk, that although can be found on the market, some people prefer making it at home, in order to put in their almond milk recipes anything they want.

Almond Milk Recipes – So Many Options

Almond Milk RecipesAlmond milk is basically nothing more than water and almonds. Anyone can make almond milk and one doesn’t actually need almond milk recipes for that. However, in order to get the milk consistency, you should normally use three cups of water for one cup of almonds.

Before actually putting the almonds in a blender together with the water, you should soak them in water for about six hours.

After that, blend them with the water. For every cup of almonds, add three cups of water. After all, it’s not a sauce, but milk, so it needs to stay as diluted as milk is.

After you’re done with blending, you can use cheesecloth to make sure there are no big almond pieces left in the milk.

Almond Milk Recipes – Same Steps

Basically, all almond milk recipes go through these steps. However, going just through these steps will get you a neutral tasting drink which can be tolerated by many, but it’s not necessarily something to look forward to drinking.

Most people add to their almond milk recipes different flavors by adding vanilla, cocoa or other ingredients. Also, some people like it sweeter so they add sugar or honey. Even maple syrup is sometimes used for different almond milk recipes.

Of course, if you use different artificial flavors and sugar, the almond milk will stop being as healthy as it would have been otherwise. It is a known fact that almond milk is normally the best kind of milk for people who have heart problems, because it only contains monounsaturated fats and lots of other substances that are very beneficial for the body.

Almond Milk Recipes – Uses and Locations

You can look for almond milk recipes in different cookbooks or on different websites. Basically, making almond milk is a very easy process but the taste you want to achieve is usually something that you decide.

This way, you have to decide the amount of sugar you would like to put in it or the amount of vanilla flavor or other things you enjoy in your milk. If you want to use the almond milk in sauces or other foods, you should just leave it as it is, without any additions, maybe just a pinch of salt.

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