Almond Milk Ice Cream

Almond milk ice cream may be defined as the dessert that is exactly similar to the milk ice creams that you purchase from the stores.

The only disparity is that the almond milk ice cream is made up of almond milk instead of the normal milk. The main component of the almond milk ice cream is the almond milk that can be made at home very easily.

The almond milk is basically made by amalgamating the soaked almond in a blender and by filtering it. You can make the almond milk ice cream by simply freezing it in the machine of the dairy ice creams.

The interesting part of this ice cream is that you can also mix flavors like vanilla, chocolate etc. like the store ones. These types of ice creams that are available in the stores also will supply you relatively uncommon flavors.

Almond Milk Ice Cream – A Delicious Treat

almond milk ice creamIf you are planning to keep away yourself from the every day ice creams for various reasons like calorie problems and all, then here is an alternative for you.

You may now taste the various flavored almond milk ice cream. The almond milk is one of the healthy foods that have very low calorie. Fat contained in almond is devoid of cholesterol. This is also the nutritious and healthy alternative for the animal milk.

You have a number of recipes to make with the almond milk that you can now prepare at home. One of them and almost certainly the best one is the almond milk ice cream. Speculating that how can you prepare the ice cream at home? Actually it is very much trouble-free and you can do it with the ingredients accessible in your refrigerator.

Almond Milk Ice Cream – Homemade Formula

If you want to formulate your favorite almond milk ice creams at home, then, you will first need to make the almond milk. You may also opt for the store almond milks; they will dole out the same taste. For making almond milk ice cream at home, firstly mix the almond milk with the heavy cream and sugar. You need to add the flavor too with this. Then, stir it well to make a mixture. You may also add guar gum or agar powder to perk up the consistency of your ice cream.

Now, when you have mixed the mixture well, put the mixture in the refrigerator to cool it. Freeze the mixture very well until all the components get well frozen. Take out the mixture from the fridge and here your almond milk ice cream is ready! You may also simply make ice cream by swirling the almond milk well and freezing it. In this case, the texture is even better and fluffy. Though the solid nature of this type, does not last long and it may take the shape of the container.

So, if you are planning to have a healthy life but, including ice creams in it, then the almond milk ice cream welcomes you. Make it any time at your home and make your children happy!

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