Almond Milk Dangers

Almond milk is a firmly established favorite of most healthy folks and is praised all over the world for its overwhelming nutritional benefits and properties such as its healthiness and sweet tasting nature. It is known to contain no cholesterol, high protein levels, minerals and essential vitamins. Almond milk boasts a very low number of calories when compared to other forms of milk such as soy milk or cow milk.  There is, however, an unpleasant dangerous side to the almond milk that most are not aware of or have not been highlighted before such as the high sugar levels and its status as a goitrogenic food.  There are a few almond milk dangers to be aware of, so please continue reading and educate yourself about these uncommon but serious and various ailments that can occur along with almond milk consumption.  If you encounter these problems, immediately contact your regular physician.

Almond Milk Dangers – Goitrogenic nature

Goitrogenic means the almond milk contains chemicals in it that are considered harmful to the thyroid. The goitrogenic foods that include broccoli, flax, cabbage, kale, soy and of course almond makes the thyroid to expand while a large consumption of these foods are known to cause goiters specifically when a chemical component contained in the goitrogenic foods creates a barrier to the sufficient intake of iodine by the body. This is a double edged sword as research has also proven that a large intake of these foods is beneficial for the body’s immune system. It is however critical for those with low thyroid functions to keep a safe distance from consuming large amounts of goitrogenic foods. Otherwise, those with normal functioning thyroids are free to take moderate levels of the milk without any almond milk dangers being witnessed.

Almond Milk Dangers – To Babies

almond milk dangersJust like using soy milk to replace regular cow’s milk in a baby’s bottle is considered dangerous, so is using almond milk as an alternative. The baby is bound to suffer from malnutrition and experience health complications as a result of replacing breast milk or baby formula with almond milk as it does not have any direct nutritional benefits to the baby, especially in comparison to real breast milk. Almond milk is considered a complete “no-no” even if used sparingly in small doses to complement regular milk. The dangers posed by almond milk in babies have been confirmed by the American College of Nutrition through studies that show that the milk causes autoimmune thyroid illnesses in the babies. As a result, goitrogenic foods should totally be avoided during infancy.  This is one of the several almond milk dangers.

Almond Milk Dangers – The Sweetness

Another of the almond milk dangers, as compared to cow’s milk, almond milk contains a higher level of sugar. The sugar in almond milk does not occur naturally but is added by manufacturers of the milk during the processing stage to enhance its taste. Most of the almond milks contain about 20 grams of sugar for every serving. There are however those that are unsweetened and only contain 1 gram of sugar for every serving.  The naturally sweetened ones and that are highly recommended are the naturally sweet brands that use beet root or honey as sweeteners.

Almond Milk Dangers – Allergies

The last of the almond milk dangers are to those who are allergic to tree nuts.  They are advised to keep away from almond milk as it can cause a seriously negative reaction when consumed.

Almond Milk Dangers – The Verdict

It is highly recommended by specialists for the users of almond milk to take the above factors into consideration before starting to use almond milk to limit the dangers.  Please be aware of the almond milk dangers before consuming the drink regularly.

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