Almond Milk Brands

When it come almond milk brands you will find several companies offering quality almond milk to the users.

The identity of these companies is a mystery to those who are asking the question, otherwise why would they be asking?

Ask no more, for the answer is here!  Read on to discover the only information you need in regards to the almond milk brands and the worth of each one based on its own merits.

Here are some of the top almond milk brands which offer unsweetened almond milk to the users.

Almond Milk Brands – Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

almond milk brandsYou can find rich and delicious creamy alternatives to the regular soy and dairy milk by this Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. The brand uses real and high-quality California Almonds to offer you the pure almond milk.

 How this milk tops the list of best almond milk brands?

  • It is free of lactose
  • It is enriched by calcium containing about of 30% DV
  • It serves 40 calories in a serving
  • The milk has a limited content of fat of 3.5 g
  • It contains vitamin A (10% DV)
  • You will find Vitamin E (50% DV)
  • There is also vitamin D (25%)
  • It has potassium (190 mg)
  • It contains sodium (180 mg)

It can be said that this almond milk is a power-pack of nutrition catering to the needs of a healthy body.

Almond Milk Brands – Almond Dream

This milk is perfect to provide a wonderful source of vitamins. This creamy and delicious Almond Dream offer antioxidant in the forms of 20% DV of vitamins A and 25% DV of vitamins E. You can get 30% DV of Calcium, 25% DV of vitamin D, and 50% DV of Vitamins B12. You are getting 30 K of calories in a single serving and the total fat contents are of 2.5 g. These contents are free of cholesterol and saturated fats. It has 100 mg of sodium content. This is also a power-house of nutrition to provide all the benefits of essential vitamins. Its rich calcium contents help to maintain healthy bone.

Almond Milk Brands – Pacific Foods Almond Milk

If you take Pacific Foods Almond Milk, you can get the real flavor and benefits of organic almonds. The milk comes without any sugar, additives, and artificial fillers. The milk is a must-have for many almond milk lovers who prefer to take real and unsweetened delicious almond milk.

What are the contents of Pacific Foods Almond Milk?
  • The milk contains riboflavin (30 % DV)
  • It gives vitamin D (25% DV)
  • You can get 35 Kcal in one serving
  • It has low content of fat containing 2.5 g of unsaturated fats
  • The milk is free of cholesterol
  • This vegan beverage also has good sodium content (180 mg)

The Pacific Foods Almond Milk is the perfect beverage to boost your energy instantly.  Almond milk is a great alterative to many traditional or regular beverages and even to dairy milk. Children, young, and adults all can equally take almond milks to meet the healthy needs of their body. You can consider this milk as a creamy and delicious drink or can take them as power and energy booster. You can also make tasty shakes and recipes with the top almond milk brands.  Almond milk has so many great uses!

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