Almond Milk Benefits

When researching a dairy alternative, one of the first questions people ask is, “What are the almond milk benefits?” Well, the benefits of almond milk are plenty, especially when comparing almond milk benefits to the benefits of dairy milk. Almond milk benefits vary from having weight loss aid and bone strengthening properties, being a great dairy alternative, and more.  An added bonus is that it is a green milk!  I don’t mean literally it is colored green, unless it’s St. Patty’s Day.  I mean that in comparison to dairy milk, almond milk has the benefit of emitting an exponentially smaller carbon footprint.  It is eco-friendly, and in addition it is animal friendly as animals are completely taken out of the equation.  We will give you details on all of these almond milk benefits, and why it is better for you than any other type of milk.

What are the Almond Milk Benefits?

One of the biggest almond milk benefits is what it can do for weight loss.  Almond milk has less than 100 calories per serving, making it an excellent choice for baking, cooking, putting on cereal, or just enjoying by the glass.  Almond milk without anything added is just 60 calories per serving.  It has a pretty negligible affect on our total caloric intake compared to that double cheeseburger…  The fact that almond milk has low sodium and low carbohydrates, makes it an excellent choice for those watching their waist lines.  My thighs are no longer jiggly!  And I have triceps!  Included in the list of almond milk benefits is that has no cholesterol whatsoever.  This is a major positive towards heart health and normal ranged blood pressure.  The list seems to go on, I know, but the low carbohydrate benefit is a huge plus for diabetics as it helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

Another one of the almond milk benefits is that it is a dairy alternative for people who are lactose intolerant.  Although those with lactose intolerance could choose to drink soy milk, the almond milk benefits normally outweigh those of soy milk. Almond milk has about 20 calories less per serving than soy milk, and another one of the almond milk benefits is that it contains more calcium than soy milk.  This is huge pro over soy milk since bone health should never be taken lightly.  The vitamin D also helps with immunity, keeping us from getting sick as often.

Almond Milk Benefits – Bones, Muscles, and Overall Health!

almond milk benefitsAlmond milk benefits are abundant, but one of the greatest almond milk benefits is the amount of vitamins and minerals it contains.  Almond milk is rich in manganese, selenium and vitamin E, making it an excellent choice for athletes or anyone looking to improve their overall health. The vitamins and minerals not only improve bone health and heart health, but the fact that almond milk does not have any cholesterol makes it an even healthier choice!

Advocates of soy milk or dairy milk try to minimize almond milk benefits, but a simple comparison of soy milk benefits and almond milk benefits show that there is a clear winner: almond milk. The only downside to almond milk in comparison to soy milk is that almond milk does not contain very much protein, so if you are looking to build muscle almond milk may not be for you.  But don’t let this stop you, because you can easily just take a protein powder supplement as you probably will be if you are serious about muscle growth.

If you are really looking at making a switch to a dairy alternative, you need to know the facts. If you know almond milk benefits, soy milk benefits, and dairy milk benefits, you can compare them all and find out the option that works best for you. Almond milk may not be for everyone.  You should continue researching almond milk until you feel comfortable in making the switch.  Although almond milk benefits are plentiful, it does have a slightly sweeter taste that you may not like.  Keep reading on the site to find out all you need to know about cooking with almond milk, brands and flavors of almond milk, and more.

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