My Almond Milk started as a joint project between myself and my hubby.  I’ve always been lactose-intolerant, and looking deeper into research about this has led me to all kinds of wonderful health information.  My husband, for some reason or another, didn’t have any milk for a few months.  Before that he was one of those guys who was eating two and three bowls of cereal as a midnight snack.  I guess he got burnt out on cereal and that resulted in us just not having any regular milk around for a while.  When he tried to reintroduce milk into his diet, he found that his body was reacting like one that was lactose-intolerant.  So he began drinking my almond milk stash, and that wasn’t cool so I started buying double!  Now we are both almond milk aficionados.  We both became more curious and interested in this delicious drink and decided to put the information we gather together into this website.  Thus, My Almond Milk was born.

My Almond Milk gives you easy access to all of the important information on almond milk in one place and in one easy format to read.  We have simplified all of the health talk.  We have put it in common speak so you don’t have to spend the massive amount of time we did learning about all of this.  We hope this comes as a benefit to those who need a solution to their lactose-intolerance and those just curious about health benefits or athletic benefits.

So peek around, let us know how we are doing.  We have a contact page if you want to drop us a line.  All of the information pages are in the right sidebar, and the other pages are in the top menu.  Take a goosey gander and enjoy yourself.  Thanks for visiting My Almond Milk!

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